Two Years of Full-Time Freelancing

Today marks my two-year anniversary of full-time freelancing. It has been a fun, challenging, stimulating, constantly changing, satisfying couple of years. Working at home has led a healthier lifestyle, too, since I can prepare fresh lunches for myself and go out for a run in the middle of the day (both make for nice mental breaks).

I don’t interact with people as much as I used to, though, and that’s one thing I made an effort to change this year. One tool to combat loneliness is Loosecubes, a network that connects independent workers with offices that have empty desks. It’s a cool way to find productive work spaces and meet people—both of which often spark new ideas for me. I would recommend it to any freelancer or telecommuter who is feeling a little isolated.

This year I’ve welcomed several new clients. I’ve taken on more book editing projects through the Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency and Boutique of Quality Books Publishing. I’ve started copy editing pieces about classical music for Reflections on a Grand Passion and honing copy for a private social network called GORI. And for the local blog QueensNYC, I’ve been writing about neighborhood history, green initiatives, and cultural happenings.

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