Publishing on the Piano

Photo by Glenna Collett

Photo by Glenna Collett

In 2013, much of my work centered on classical piano music—something that was a significant part of my childhood (I took lessons for 12 years) and is becoming a major hobby again. Editing and writing for Grand Piano Passion™, an online magazine that launched earlier this year, has gotten me back into playing the piano and listening to classical music. I even started a column documenting my first year back to practicing piano.

Working on an interview and recording of concert pianist Simone Dinnerstein inspired me to learn a new piece of music, while giving me a chance to learn more about video production. And working with the magazine’s talented creative nonfiction writers has provided inspiration for improving my writing and editing, as well as my piano practice.

I’m so thankful that I have the opportunity to write and edit on topics that challenge and inspire me, and that are just plain fun. Sometimes it hits me: although freelancing ain’t easy, I’m basically living the dream.

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